Benefits of teaching your kids how to cook

Parents should encourage kids in the kitchen at any age, by kids I meant boys and girls.  Cooking is a basic life skill everyone must possess, being comfortable in the kitchen to cook a decent meal  take lots of practice, learning and confidence. With young children that early investment pays off, It teach them responsibility. They can  learn about how to use fresh ingredients to get a better tasting meal. Kids who learn how to cook benefits by finding out about nutrition and what it means to eat healthy.

Start them early  by allowing them to help you prep the food,  seasoned the meats,  taking the vegetables out of the fridge to rinse them, they can help with washing dishes, and kids makes the best  food tester. Teaching kids how to cook takes time and patience, they also tend to be a little messier in the kitchen. Kids get bored quit, so make it fun for them, give them a name by calling them your little helper or chef they will feel prideful and wants to help you more. Use that time to bond, ask them about school, you can put on some music and dance while cooking, play a game called “ name the ingredients” if they get it right they get a prize you think they will love. Cooking doesn’t have to be boring, make it fun and be creative.

Kids ages 8-13 should be capable of cooking simple dish like: mac-cheese, fry eggs, oatmeal, pasta and more. The time will come when they will leave home to go to college, we all know college is expensive, it’s a great way to save money instead of going out to eat every time they’re hungry. There’s a saying that says “if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”

Involving your kids to cook at a very young age will give them a life long benefits. The best way to help children and teens to learn to cook is to encourage them, boost their kitchen confidence by always telling them how well they are doing. The time will come when they will have a family on their own to feed, let’s prepare them for the future so their kitchen can be Royalty. 





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