About Me

 They told me to follow my heart it led me to the kitchen.


Nadine is a multi-talented culinary artist whose passion for food knows no bounds. As a caterer, she brings a unique blend of flavors and creativity to each event she caters, creating memorable and mouth-watering dishes that leave guests craving for more. Nadine’s expertise in using fresh, organic spices elevates her dishes to new heights, infusing them with a depth of flavor that is simply unparalleled.

In addition to her catering services, Nadine is also a master of creating Caribbean rum cream known as KREMAS that embodies the rich and vibrant culture of the islands. Her rums are crafted with precision and care, using traditional methods passed down through generations, resulting in spirits that are smooth, aromatic, and simply sublime.

Whether Nadine is serving up delicious dishes at a catered event, crafting exquisite blends of organic spices, or creating exceptional Caribbean rum creams, her dedication to quality and passion for flavor shine through in everything she does. A true culinary artist, Nadine’s creations are a testament to her commitment to excellence and her love for sharing the joys of food and drink with others.


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